Start of Bi-Weekly Case Interview Sessions

On January 19th we successfully started our bi-weekly case interview sessions (CIS). Our board members Anna and Saphir held the first training on important case solving tools such as finding a hypotheses, buidling issue trees and keeping everything MECE.  Afterwards our members solved two cases in pairs. We are looking forward to our next training sessions!

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2 thoughts on “Start of Bi-Weekly Case Interview Sessions

  1. Hey my name is Stella.

    I m not ur members. But I know that u regularly hold a case-solving training on weekend.

    From last year,I can see u post many event. But From this year, nothing posted. I really want to know if I still have chance to join u or how can I register for the training!


    1. Dear Stella!
      Thank you for your comment. Our events are mainly for exclusive members. However, there are regularly free spots for non-members at our events and trainings. We post those on our official facebook page. Please follow our page to stay up-to-date with training possibilities. (Full-day trainings in cooperation with Case Solvers will only be held in the following semester)
      We hope this answers you questions!
      Kind regards, RCC


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