Start-Up Consulting: Special thanks to Florisj

On Monday, 13th February 2017, founder of Florisj, Jeroen Roffel, gave a very interesting guest lecture on Start-Up consulting for RCC. Jeroen shared his insights from working for various start-ups and investors in the US and Europe, supporting them in their strategy and day-to-day operations. As a consultant, he provided investors with information and analysis about industries in which they considered investing.

After the lecture, RCC consultants solved cases related to business development, start-up growth and start-up investment decisions. We enjoyed getting this new view on consulting and learned a lot about the start-up business.


Final Presentation of Shake-On Consulting Project

On 21 February, the final presentation of our consulting project was held in the high-tech incubator Yes!Delft. There, Shake-On, our project partner, is located together with 70 other innovative start-ups.

Three of our ambitious RCC consultants, Petra Strnadova, Jakub Markiewicz and Athanasios Tsaperlis presented on behalf of the entire team (8 consultants in total) recommendations about future growth and internationalization strategies for Shake-On.

We really enjoyed working together with such a striving young company and we are proud of our future consultants for mastering this project and providing valuable recommendations for their client!



All RCC consultants: Petra Strnadova, Jakub Markiewicz, Athanasios Tsaperlis, Julia Heisig, Sonja Kessler, Stefan Owczarzak, Sten te Vogt, and Beatriz Oliviera

DHL and Case Solvers Interview Training

On Friday and Saturday, 3rd & 4th February our Case Interview Camp with DHL Consulting and Case Solvers took place. Two trainers from Case Solvers and three consultants from DHL gave two days of trainings including CV check. A lot of mock-interviews were held, and after the practicing we celebrated with pizza and drinks. We are thankful for this great opportunity Case Solvers and DHL provided and we look forward to further cooperation in the upcoming years!

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