Case Interview Session I – 18/10/2017


Last week the Rotterdam Consulting Club held its first Case Interview Session on the RSM Campus. With 40 members and a couple of external students, we discussed case interviews and how to do them. With the help of Victor Cheng and Case in Point, the basics of case interviews were explained by our board members.

After the plenary presentations, Cato presented two cases which were solved step-by-step with the entire group. After this, the students paired up to do two extra cases to practice the use of issue trees. Although it was still a bit difficult, many of them managed to solve them correctly. The evening ended as usual with networking drinks in the Smitse. We are looking forward to practice even more cases with our members next time!


First Case Interview Training – 07/10/17



RCC Members and the Board for 2017/2018

On Saturday the 7th of October, it was time for our first case interview training in collaboration with our partner CaseSolvers. This training was held at the Impact Hub in Rotterdam, where the board gathered together early in the morning to prepare for the day.

At 10 AM, the first members walked in and they were welcomed with a cup of coffee, tea and some cookies. Marketing manager Sreedeep took individual and group pictures while waiting for the training.

CaseSolvers arrived and we were able to start with our first training. Everybody was actively listening and writing down notes about what to expect on an interview at a consulting firm. Afterwards, it was time to crack the first case, which was done in pairs of two in order to practice the process of case interviews. At 2 PM, the board prepared some lunch for everybody including some fresh fruit to energize the members for their second round of interview training.

It was an intense day but luckily at 5 pm it was time for some drinks and bites, which gave everybody the opportunity to process the activities of today but also to socialize and have fun.

We will see you in a month at our second Case Interview Training, in collaboration with CORE Consulting!

RCC Welcome Event 2017

After four weeks of a tough recruitment period, the Rotterdam Consulting Club welcomed its 70 new members at Pub Concordia to kick off the beginning of the new year. The board was looking forward to meet everybody and planned an evening of get-to-know each other activities including fun social games.

President Cato opened the evening by introducing RCC and the fellow board members, and continued with an overview of what RCC will be focusing on in the next few months. Afterwards, it was time to introduce our new members and we had a few laughs about some fun facts people used to describe themselves!

The evening continued and it was time to have a drink and cheer to our 70 exclusive new members, who made it to become a part of RCC! This was happily done over a few fun activities such a beer pong, darts, and pool.

We hope everybody had a great time and is looking forward to all the upcoming events we are planning for you!