RCC x DHL Consulting + Case Solvers – Case Interview Training

_DSC6697 copy

On the 19th of January we kicked off our two-day DHL consulting bootcamp in cooperation with CaseSolvers. We started in the afternoon with a short introduction from CaseSolvers and a re-cap on how to approach complex cases. After that, we had an introduction from DHL consulting. Th HR recruiter Markus and Jurij from DHL consulting came over from Germany to Rotterdam to introduce the company and to tell students more about the projects at DHL. Our members could ask all kinds of consulting related questions before it was time for them to solve cases themselves. Before going into the case practicing part, it was first time for some coffee and cookies to get some last energy in before the interview practice rounds started.
Our members were first divided in teams of five students. We had five interview stations with either an interviewer from CaseSolvers or from DHL Consulting. Each member from the team had to practice once an interview at one of the stations. During the interview, the interviewer rated the candidate along different criteria. The other members of the team listened to the interview when it was not their turn, so that they could learn from the type of case interview style as well. Afterwards, each participant received extensive feedback from the interviewer to work in for next session. At 6 pm everybody had at least practiced once with an interviewer and it was time for some well deserved drink in the Smitse!
Tomorrow would be a new day, the second day of our DHL Consulting bootcamp.


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