RCC x EY – Case Interview Training

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On 17th February, RCC held a Case Interview Training session in collaboration with EY at Impact Hub in Rotterdam.

The session began at 11AM with an agenda of the day. EY invited questions from the members from topics ranging from the influence of technology and AI on theur practices to how EY innovates internally and proceeded to shared their experiences.

Lunch was served, where members discussed amongst themselves, with EY and the board. The members were then divided into groups for the Speed Innovation Challenge, where each group had to solve a problem, make a presentation on the provided challenge and provide recommendations. Two teams were delared winners for their unique ideas, who were gifted with bottles of wine.

The board thanked EY with a bottle of wine as well. The day ended with drinks and snacks at Impact Hub, giving everyone the opportunity to unwind and socialise after a tiring day.



Case Interview Session – Market Entry

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On Thursday 8th February, RCC held a Case Interview Session on Market Entry. We had inputs from the book ‘Case in Point’. The session was kicked off by Astrid who  gave an overview of the Ivey Case System and how it could be applied to facilitate the case interview solving process. This was followed by a brief recap of the previous CIS session on Profitability. The members were then introduced to the general step sin solving Market Entry cases.

The second half of the session was spent in solving cases. Cato presented three cases on market entry. Members were asked to solve them and a few enthusiastic members came up to present their solutions to everyone. Later the members were paired up to solve a few more cases on their own. The evening was capped off with networking drinks at de Smitse.

RCC x Venturis Consulting – Case Interview Session

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On January 31, Venturis Consulting gave an in-depth presentation on cases pertaining to the legal consulting industry. The presentation began with an analysis of their business and the specific industry that Venturis is involved in. The case that was worked on involved reputational differentials for Dutch law firms engaged in the healthcare and life sciences sector. Groups broke off and analysed the case, presenting their findings at the end of the session. These findings were discussed by the company representatives from Venturis, and the groups broke off again to formalize their recommendations. The event concluded with closing remarks and drinks at de Smitse with the company representatives.