RCC X BDO – Case Interview Session

On Monday the 26th of February RCC welcomed BDO Consulting to host a session on the opportunities to work at BDO and to practice a case study. The evening was kicked off by the recruiter Chris, who explained the career opportunities at BDO and the different departments within the advisory sector. He also showed the students BDO’s position in comparison to the Big Four firms and smaller advisory firms. After that, two consultants explained more in detail about consulting at BDO, such as the typical types of projects they do and the clients they have, including how a typical work week looks like as a BDO consultant. Students had the opportunity to ask a lot of question which made the session highly interactive.
After the presentation it was time for the students to apply their consulting skills. For that, BDO had prepared a case related to the healthcare division of a hospital. The students had 45 minutes to solve the case and come up with creative solutions. After 45 minutes it was time to present the recommendations. BDO was impressed by the recommendations of all teams, but one team was named the winner, as they had the most creative and innovative solution.
When the session came to an end, it was time for some networking drinks in the Smitse before everyone went home.

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