RCC Study Trip Lisbon

This year the exclusive members enjoyed a diverse program in Portugal’s beautiful capital during the annual study trip in March. On the first day, the students visited the Dutch Embassy for an interesting information and discussion session about the Portuguese economy, Dutch-Portuguese business relations and the responsibilities of a diplomat. Afterwards, they got a glimpse into Lisbon’s entrepreneurial scene by visiting the startup accelerator beta-i. Since 2010, beta-i has accelerated over 850 startups out of +5000 applications. The day was rounded off by a walking tour through the city and a traditional Portuguese dinner in Alfama, the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon.
On Friday the RCC members solved a case for Santander, one of the largest banks in Europe. The consulting firm Business Setting gave a workshop about different approaches towards cultural transformation. Then the students split up in groups and each of them applied a different change management technique to develop concepts to overcome Santander’s challenges in Portugal. The second half of the trip was used by the participants to enjoy the sunshine, Portuguese cuisine and to discover Lisbon’s surroundings, such as the Sintra, the beaches and cliffs as well as the most Western point of Europe.

The RCC board and the study trip committee would like to thank the Dutch Embassy, beta-i, Business Setting and Santander for hosting us. We hope they enjoy the Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ that we brought for them!

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