RCC x zeb consulting

Zeb consulting, an established financial consulting company in the German market and an incoming company to the Dutch market came to RCC for a recruitment event.

After the introduction of the company and possibilities to join the Dutch team, a strategy case to create a new digitalization strategy for a fictive bank was cracked after which results were presented. Zeb consultants Jonatan, Chris, Norbert and Artus then gave our members feedback and tips to solve cases. After receiving these tips, another case was given to apply the newly learned skills. We then moved to the Admiraliteit for dinner as a nice ending to a productive afternoon!



Cooperations 2018/19

In 2018/19 we are glad to continue our lasting partnerships from the previous years. As our club is growing, we are also excited to work with new consulting companies, guest-speakers and training organizations.

2018/19 cooperations:








dance Eldridge





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RCC x Eldridge Labinjo

On the 22nd of November, Eldridge Labinjo, a professional public speaker gave our exclusive members insights on how to become a confident public speaker. Eldridge has many years of professional experience as a performer, thinker and artist. He is the director of the Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation and is an expert on how to make a good impression by using body language. During this session Eldridge showed us how we can feel good about presenting and how to persuade people with our presentation. Thank you!

If you want to know more about Eldidge’s field, you can watch his TEDx below, or have a look at his foundation here or look at their events.