Case preparation in full swing!

Our bi-weekly case interview sessions (CIS) are helping ambitious RSM students prepare for their first job interviews. So far we discussed topics such as pricing, entering a new market, profit and loss, and growth strategies. After a short presentation, participating club members and non-members can ask questions and challenge the presented systems and frameworks. AfterwardsContinue reading “Case preparation in full swing!”

Pimp your Career – RCC Workshop

Beginning of March we held a workshop with a focus on soft skills. First Derhen showed how to optimize your linkedin profile and gave tips on using the platfirm to find your future career. Then Anna and the other board members gave tips on how to create the perfect CV. Picture yes or no? OneContinue reading “Pimp your Career – RCC Workshop”

Start-Up Consulting: Special thanks to Florisj

On Monday, 13th February 2017, founder of Florisj, Jeroen Roffel, gave a very interesting guest lecture on Start-Up consulting for RCC. Jeroen shared his insights from working for various start-ups and investors in the US and Europe, supporting them in their strategy and day-to-day operations. As a consultant, he provided investors with information and analysisContinue reading “Start-Up Consulting: Special thanks to Florisj”

Final Presentation of Shake-On Consulting Project

On 21 February, the final presentation of our consulting project was held in the high-tech incubator Yes!Delft. There, Shake-On, our project partner, is located together with 70 other innovative start-ups. Three of our ambitious RCC consultants, Petra Strnadova, Jakub Markiewicz and Athanasios Tsaperlis presented on behalf of the entire team (8 consultants in total) recommendationsContinue reading “Final Presentation of Shake-On Consulting Project”

DHL and Case Solvers Interview Training

On Friday and Saturday, 3rd & 4th February our Case Interview Camp with DHL Consulting and Case Solvers took place. Two trainers from Case Solvers and three consultants from DHL gave two days of trainings including CV check. A lot of mock-interviews were held, and after the practicing we celebrated with pizza and drinks. WeContinue reading “DHL and Case Solvers Interview Training”

Start of Bi-Weekly Case Interview Sessions

On January 19th we successfully started our bi-weekly case interview sessions (CIS). Our board members Anna and Saphir held the first training on important case solving tools such as finding a hypotheses, buidling issue trees and keeping everything MECE.  Afterwards our members solved two cases in pairs. We are looking forward to our next trainingContinue reading “Start of Bi-Weekly Case Interview Sessions”