BOARD 2023/2024


The RCC Board for the upcoming year 2023/2024 entails six different roles.

If you have any specific question related to our role, please feel free to send us a message via LinkedIn:

Ester Camila Carneiro – President

Justin Aenmey – Vice President & Treasurer

Nehal Singhal – Consulting Projects Manager

Laurens Reintjes – External Relations Manager

Gabriela Przanowska – Marketing Manager

Shaunak Deshpande – Events Manager


President – As President of the RCC, you are responsible for ensuring the club continues to grow in the right direction. You’ll lead the board in helping to improve and grow the club.

Vice President and Treasurer – Together with the President, you are responsible for the development, execution, and monitoring of RCC‘s strategies and goals. You are also in charge of finances and administration.

Consulting Projects Manager – As Consulting Projects Manager you are responsible for ensuring the RCC’s members are prepared for the world of consulting. Helping them gain valuable experience as a consultant whilst providing impact for our clients.

External Relations Manager – As External Relations Manager you are responsible for establishing and maintaining partnerships with firms and other external parties such as student associations to provide the members with an insightful and diverse event program during the year.

Marketing Manager – You are responsible for RCC’s marketing strategy and image. Besides, you also supervise the marketing committee. In addition to this, you are responsible for the communication between the board and the members.

Events Manager – The role of the event manager is to facilitate interaction and exposure of students to the world of consulting. You will be involved in all events from conception to execution and also be accountable for maintaining RCC standards.