Committees have always been an essential part in the structure of the RCC. In the past, the social committee, the studytrip committee and the case competition committee were formed with ambitious exclusive members that would like to engage additionally in the club besides their exclusive membership. This year we rearranged the committees meaning that there will be two large committees, concretely the Consulting Skills Committee and the Communication & Event Committee.

Consulting Skills Committee

Your role in this committee will include, above all, establishing external partnerships with large and small business to organize conferences and consulting projects. Furthermore, your responsibilities comprise organizing and preparing RCC teams to participate in global case competitions.

Communication & Events Committee

In this committee your main focus is set on developing quality content for the RCC and serve as a marketing expert at all events. Besides that, the complete profile for the committee covers organizing events, social gatherings for the club as well as the planning and realization of the yearly study trip.

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