The Last Social Event of RCC 2021/22 – BBQ at Kralingse Plas!

Wrapping up our long journey in 2021/22, RCC organized a BBQ party at Kralingse Plas, the wooded and beautiful lake, on June 1st, 2022.

RCC members celebrated together the end of their journey at Rotterdam Consulting Club.

Luckily, the weather was perfect for our BBQ party. During warm weather and a lot of sun, the members played volleyball and spend some time on connecting and networking with each other.

We hope that everyone who participated enjoyed our last event.

A big thank you to all the RCC members who made our events throughout the last year so incredible!

We wish you all the best for your future!


Sustainability has become the topic of today, and we even start making decisions in our daily lives with the sustainability of our actions in mind. So, what does “sustainability” challenge in the economy? 

We are thrilled to announce the two-day event, The Global Challenge – How Economies Need To Transform which will be our 2022 flagship event created to explore the ongoing business trends. The aim of this event is to understand in what ways different business industries deal with “sustainability”, and to explore the different perspectives on “how they should tackle a sustained business world”. During the conference day, we will have speakers from global companies presenting their leading thoughts and visions aligned with “sustainability”. This event is open for all EUR student and free, so don’t miss out on signing up! 

Here’s a quick look at the speaker lineup for this event:

DAY 1 Lineup (Wednesday, 23th of March) 

Sustainable Panel 16:00 – 18:00 (online via zoom) 

  • Jacqueline Jansen (Consultant Bayer)
  • Jeroen Schmitz (Senior Consultant Oliver Wyman)

DAY 2 Lineup (Thursday, 24th of March) 

Conference 16:00 – 18:00 (on campus) 

  • Harald Tepper (Philips – Senior Director Sustainable Development)
  • Cornelia Neumann (Oliver Wyman Partner – ESG Risk Management & Risk Advisory) 
  • Arnoud Walrecht (KPMG Sustainability Director – Global Circular Economy Lead

Networking Drinks 18:00 – 19:00 (Pavillion)

  • Get to know the speakers and other students at an informal drink. First drinks are on us!

Do you have any questions about the following topics? Participate in our panel Q&A to ask your question or discuss your thoughts. 

Curious how economies will transform? Register now!




Join us for a zoom call with KPMG, BCG & EY-Parthenon

Date: Tuesday, 7th December 2021

Time: 18:00 – 20:00 CET

Location: Zoom

Companies: KPMG, BCG & EY-Parthenon

Speakers: Sandra Zahn (Partner at EY-Parthenon), Mara Kronauer (Consultant at BCG), Richard Petricioli Rios (Consultant at EY-Parthenon), Linn Pickhardt (Incoming Consultant at KPMG)

Registration link:

Event Description:

RCC invites all RSM students to join us for an exclusive Zoom event with KPMG, BCG & EY Parthenon!

What’s it like being a 2 year associate at BCG? How do you transition from a psychology master to consulting? What does a job at either one of these companies look like after your studies? What does a partner in strategy consulting do and how do you get there?

Our speakers have been where you are now – students unsure of what exactly the future looks like. Join us for an event dedicated to helping you understand what life in consulting is really like once you graduate!

For members, view the event by clicking the following link:

Join us for a Zoom Call with KPMG, BCG & EY Parthenon!

The RCC Advent Sunday

The holiday spirit is alive – also here at the Rotterdam Consulting Club. That is why RCC is organizing an “Advent Sunday” event to show a big thank you for all your contributions and your participation.

Every Sunday from November 28th, 2021, till December 12th, 2021, we are going to upload a post on RCC’s Instagram page, where we will disclose to you some special surprises. Accordingly, every Sunday during the aforementioned period, we will announce a giveaway and the winners will be announced every Monday via our Instagram channel  and will be contacted by us for further details. This event is open for everyone so share the news and don’t miss a chance to be a winner!

Good luck! 



Case Workshop with DHL – The interactive case-solving session with DHL Consulting provided RCC members with a four-hour webinar on November 2nd, 2021. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the event was held online with 20 selected participants, who were chosen based on their CVs. During the event, the participants were given four cases with four problems which they had to work on with DHLC consultants and Case Solver trainers . After that, the participants were shown proactive engagement to follow up the training and to cover both the interviewer and interviewee perspectives on case studies. All of the cases covered during this workshop were prepared by Case Solvers trainers, who have  20+ years of experience at top-tier consulting companies. Through this practice, all participants had a chance to gain valuable feedback as well as identify their weaknesses in case-solving.

Case Workshop: Introduction to Case Interviews – During the evening case session hosted by Nicholas Constantinesco on November 3rd, 2021, approximately 50 RCC members were given helpful information regarding case interviews. The Introduction to Case Interviews also included some useful tips and tricks to help prepare for interviews. Nicholas said: “It was great! The students were curious and asked plenty of questions, which always makes the session interactive”. Participating members were also given a sample case to practice and discuss during the session.

Case Workshop with ZEB Consulting – During the event held on November 5th, 2021, RCC members were provided with ways to get insights into business cases and the necessary solving skills. The session was split into two parts: first starting with a short introduction to storylining, followed by putting the acquired knowledge to test by solving small cases and presenting them to the ZEB consultants. By practising several cases and getting tips to make up for their shortcomings, participants were able to acquire analytical insights and problem-solving skills, which enabled them not only to address problems correctly but also convince the audience with their own analysis.

Case Interview Coaching with Agnowledge – Gabor Olah (Deloitte UK) and Alessandro Catapano (Visiting Associate Boston Consulting Group) provided tips, tricks, strategies and frameworks about cases centered on ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’. The training session started with a 10 minutes introduction, during which relevant theories were presented to orientate students when addressing case problems. The  45 minutes of case solving time proceeded to align with the business case-solving structure; stating the business problem, clarifying the case, creating an issue tree, analyzing charts, analyzing risk, and articulating recommendations. The participants built their own analysis and interpretation of the cases by following the structures presented during the session. 

Case Workshop: Market Sizing – On November 16th,  2021, RCC members developed an insight on how to foresee the market and to know the business viability thanks to the knowledge provided by Aws Odish, the speaker of the market sizing case workshop The session was three hours long, and participants interactively engaged to understand the session by “doing”. 


The Rotterdam Consulting Club has successfully ended the recruitment for 2021/2022. Thus, we are excited to announce that more than 200 students have applied to join our club, and around 200 students have been nominated to become exclusive or active members. 

Additionally, eight students were selected for filling a position within one of two committees: either the “Communications Committee” or the “Events Committee”. The committee members consist of master students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities and are in charge of organising RCC events and advertising RCC activities. On the one hand, the Communications Committee is in charge of advertising the RCC in various ways. For example, they regularly post updates via social media channels, newsletters, and website posts. On the other hand, the Events Committee organises the upcoming events, workshops, and training sessions which are helpful for members to gain knowledge about consulting and to build specific consulting skills.

Rotterdam Consulting Club is an excellent team of diverse and motivated people who are ready to learn from each other – we’re creating ‘reciprocal synergy’ to lead outstanding performance from our club. The member cohort of the 2021/2022 articulates how potential they are in becoming the competent/outstanding workforce. Specifically, all members of the RCC are hard working students with productivity and time management skills to deal with their hectic schedules, which can be explained by the high average GPA of the members (7.92). In addition, people with at least 1 internship account for 85%, showing that RCC is the place where  people can intertwine their theoretical and practical knowledge. Furthermore, RCC enables people to set a foundation to embark on a multinational career path based on an excellent curriculum with members of diverse backgrounds; there are people from 48 nationalities and 29 different programs. Rotterdam Consulting Club is the best stepping stone for people to deepen academic knowledge and to build international networking within an enthusiastic and talented pool.

Do you want to learn more about the current board? Click here for more information.