Nicolas Constantinesco – Case Interview Workshop

On Monday March 5th at 17:30, former McKinsey consultant Nicolas Constantinesco gave a sold-out case interviewing workshop to a packed audience of RCC members and nonmembers. The evening lasted for four hours and featured methods for building your own structures for cases rather than relying on frameworks developed in books. Interactive breakout sessions were interwoven with Constantinesco’s advice and experience. He delved deeply into his three golden rules of case interviewing and provided analysis of examples in which seemingly good interviews fail to satisfy the specific aspects desired by interviewers. Questions were asked throughout, making the whole session very interactive.
Constantinesco worked for McKinsey & Company for 8 years working on a wide range of corporate finance, strategy and operations engagements. He later joined KPMG where he co-founded and built the Operations Strategy Group, a team of 40 management consultants. At both McKinsey and KPMG, Nicolas focused on the recruitment process and professional development. He now trains and coaches students to get into the most prestigious consulting firms.


RCC X BDO – Case Interview Session

On Monday the 26th of February RCC welcomed BDO Consulting to host a session on the opportunities to work at BDO and to practice a case study. The evening was kicked off by the recruiter Chris, who explained the career opportunities at BDO and the different departments within the advisory sector. He also showed the students BDO’s position in comparison to the Big Four firms and smaller advisory firms. After that, two consultants explained more in detail about consulting at BDO, such as the typical types of projects they do and the clients they have, including how a typical work week looks like as a BDO consultant. Students had the opportunity to ask a lot of question which made the session highly interactive.
After the presentation it was time for the students to apply their consulting skills. For that, BDO had prepared a case related to the healthcare division of a hospital. The students had 45 minutes to solve the case and come up with creative solutions. After 45 minutes it was time to present the recommendations. BDO was impressed by the recommendations of all teams, but one team was named the winner, as they had the most creative and innovative solution.
When the session came to an end, it was time for some networking drinks in the Smitse before everyone went home.

RCC x EY – Case Interview Training

IMG-20180220-WA0001 copy.jpg

On 17th February, RCC held a Case Interview Training session in collaboration with EY at Impact Hub in Rotterdam.

The session began at 11AM with an agenda of the day. EY invited questions from the members from topics ranging from the influence of technology and AI on theur practices to how EY innovates internally and proceeded to shared their experiences.

Lunch was served, where members discussed amongst themselves, with EY and the board. The members were then divided into groups for the Speed Innovation Challenge, where each group had to solve a problem, make a presentation on the provided challenge and provide recommendations. Two teams were delared winners for their unique ideas, who were gifted with bottles of wine.

The board thanked EY with a bottle of wine as well. The day ended with drinks and snacks at Impact Hub, giving everyone the opportunity to unwind and socialise after a tiring day.


Case Interview Session – Market Entry

20180208_192609 copy

On Thursday 8th February, RCC held a Case Interview Session on Market Entry. We had inputs from the book ‘Case in Point’. The session was kicked off by Astrid who  gave an overview of the Ivey Case System and how it could be applied to facilitate the case interview solving process. This was followed by a brief recap of the previous CIS session on Profitability. The members were then introduced to the general step sin solving Market Entry cases.

The second half of the session was spent in solving cases. Cato presented three cases on market entry. Members were asked to solve them and a few enthusiastic members came up to present their solutions to everyone. Later the members were paired up to solve a few more cases on their own. The evening was capped off with networking drinks at de Smitse.

RCC x Venturis Consulting – Case Interview Session

IMG-20180131-WA0028 copy

On January 31, Venturis Consulting gave an in-depth presentation on cases pertaining to the legal consulting industry. The presentation began with an analysis of their business and the specific industry that Venturis is involved in. The case that was worked on involved reputational differentials for Dutch law firms engaged in the healthcare and life sciences sector. Groups broke off and analysed the case, presenting their findings at the end of the session. These findings were discussed by the company representatives from Venturis, and the groups broke off again to formalize their recommendations. The event concluded with closing remarks and drinks at de Smitse with the company representatives.

RCC x DHL Consulting + Case Solvers – Case Interview Training

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On the 19th of January we kicked off our two-day DHL consulting bootcamp in cooperation with CaseSolvers. We started in the afternoon with a short introduction from CaseSolvers and a re-cap on how to approach complex cases. After that, we had an introduction from DHL consulting. Th HR recruiter Markus and Jurij from DHL consulting came over from Germany to Rotterdam to introduce the company and to tell students more about the projects at DHL. Our members could ask all kinds of consulting related questions before it was time for them to solve cases themselves. Before going into the case practicing part, it was first time for some coffee and cookies to get some last energy in before the interview practice rounds started.
Our members were first divided in teams of five students. We had five interview stations with either an interviewer from CaseSolvers or from DHL Consulting. Each member from the team had to practice once an interview at one of the stations. During the interview, the interviewer rated the candidate along different criteria. The other members of the team listened to the interview when it was not their turn, so that they could learn from the type of case interview style as well. Afterwards, each participant received extensive feedback from the interviewer to work in for next session. At 6 pm everybody had at least practiced once with an interviewer and it was time for some well deserved drink in the Smitse!
Tomorrow would be a new day, the second day of our DHL Consulting bootcamp.


RCC Guest Lecture – Nicolas Constantinesco



On Thursday 18th January, RCC hosted Mr. Nicolas Constantinesco at Erasmus University for a guest lecture on life as a consultant. Mr. Constantinesco spent 8 years at McKinsey and later went on to spend 4 years as partner at KPMG. The lecture had a good attendance and was also attended by many non-members as well.
Everyone was treated to insights about the consulting industry detailing the various types of consulting, career growth trajectory and skills required to succeed in the industry.

He also fielded a variety of questions from the members throughout the 2 hours. After the lecture, everyone me up at Concordia for New Year drinks hosted by RCC.

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IMG-20180111-WA0021 copy.jpg

On Wednesday January 11th, RCC held a case interview session with two consultants and a recruiter from Simon Kucher Amsterdam. The event featured a candid conversation about what work was like at the consulting firm, what set Simon Kucher apart, and the type of projects that each of the consultants were working on or had worked on in the past.

Much of the rest of the event included a case presented by the consultants. Members split into teams to come up with solutions with a significant time constraint. This culminated with five-minute presentations and feedback by the consultants. The event was followed by drinks at de Smitse with part of the Simon Kucher team.



On 09/12/2017, RCC held a Case Interview Training session in collaboration with Case Solvers. It was held in the Impact Hub in Rotterdam.

The training session began around 10AM with a brief overview of the topics for the day. Everyone was listening intently and took down notes throughout the day. Lunch was served at 2PM with baguettes, meat, spreads and fruits on offer.

The members were then paired up and had to solve a variety of cases in an interview setting which provided valuable experience. It was an intense day but at 5PM, Case Solvers wrapped up the session successfully.

As always, we hosted our members to drinks and snacks after he training session, giving everyone the opportunity to socialise after a long day.


On Tuesday 28 November, RCC held a Case Interview Session on Profitability, with inputs from the book Case Interview Secrets (Victor Cheng). The session was kicked off by Gaia who gave a quick overview of the profitability issue tree and how one could go about using this to solve cases.

Most of the session was then spent on solving cases. Cato presented two profitability cases and went through them step-by-step with the group. The members were then paired up and given about 1.5 hours to solve 4 extra cases. Although they were tough, many of our members managed to do quite well. The evening was capped off with networking drinks in de Smitse.