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About our consulting projects and competitions

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The next competition to participate in is the Fall 2021 IXL Innovation Olympics starting on October 11th 2021. Besides enabling participants to build and test their consulting skills, this also provides Level 1 Innovation Associate certification with the Global Innovation Management Institute, guidance and learnings from top global innovation professionals and potential prize money. Any new RCC members can apply to join the RCC team, so please indicate your interest in the relevant question in your RCC application survey. We will offer another opportunity to participate in the Winter 2022 IXL Olympics early next year.
Several more exciting projects and competitions are in the pipeline for our members, to be revealed later on. Please indicate your interest in the RCC membership application survey!

A valuable aspect of RCC membership is access to our project and competition teams which are open to both Exclusive and Active members.
Projects are run in collaboration with corporates and NGOs from across Europe and elsewhere. Our teams solve real problems from companies and spend 5 – 10 weeks ideating, prototyping and forming strategies for a wide range of goals – from market entry to M&A and innovation strategy. These mirror real-world consulting work, with regular client presentations and feedback to build towards a final set of solutions. Past clients have ranged from the restaurant industry to software and food production.
Competitions run in a similar manner, but each RCC team competes against top university teams from around the world. 2020-2021 proved to be a particularly successful year in this regard for the RCC, as two teams won their respective IXL Innovation Olympics and a further team of RCC members won the P&G CEO Challenge.
Both projects and competitions provide participants with real-world consulting experience, working in a motivated team, regular client meetings and professional oversight. These provide valuable practical settings to engage and apply the skills learnt throughout RCC trainings and events, and have proven extremely popular with our members in the past. Furthermore, some competitions also give participants certification and potential prizes!