RCC x zeb consulting

Zeb consulting, an established financial consulting company in the German market and an incoming company to the Dutch market came to RCC for a recruitment event.

After the introduction of the company and possibilities to join the Dutch team, a strategy case to create a new digitalization strategy for a fictive bank was cracked after which results were presented. Zeb consultants Jonatan, Chris, Norbert and Artus then gave our members feedback and tips to solve cases. After receiving these tips, another case was given to apply the newly learned skills. We then moved to the Admiraliteit for dinner as a nice ending to a productive afternoon!



Cooperations 2018/19

In 2018/19 we are glad to continue our lasting partnerships from the previous years. As our club is growing, we are also excited to work with new consulting companies, guest-speakers and training organizations.

2018/19 cooperations:








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RCC x Eldridge Labinjo

On the 22nd of November, Eldridge Labinjo, a professional public speaker gave our exclusive members insights on how to become a confident public speaker. Eldridge has many years of professional experience as a performer, thinker and artist. He is the director of the Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation and is an expert on how to make a good impression by using body language. During this session Eldridge showed us how we can feel good about presenting and how to persuade people with our presentation. Thank you!

If you want to know more about Eldidge’s field, you can watch his TEDx below, or have a look at his foundation here or look at their events.

RCC x Boer & Croon

On the 11th of October the first company event of the new academic year took place. Boer & Croon accepted our invitation to introduce our members to the company and teach them about their project-based approach to cases. Rick and Marnix introduced the company and the possibilities of the Young Executive Management program. Afterwards, three projects were tackled by our members through the explained Boer & Croon project approach. The event was then followed by informal networking drinks.

RCC x CaseSolvers

As the opening event of the year we invited CaseSolvers to give our new exclusive members an introduction into consulting!

CaseSolvers are professionals at helping students become the best problem solvers and our members spent a Saturday learning from them about all it takes to become a consultant! During the day, six real-life cases were solved and after each round of cases a feedback round followed to see one’s space for improvement. Of course, the day would not be complete without some refreshments and getting to know the other members!

Welcome Drinks

After a long recruitment period in September, the RCC welcomed its 75 exclusive members at the Welcome drinks at Locus Publicus. During the evening members got to know each other before meeting at the exclusive events.

Philipp, the president opened the evening with a welcome speech, which continued with drinks and activities like beer pong and a pub quiz. Congratulations to the winners, hope you enjoyed the wine! 

We would like to thank everyone for joining us and we will do our best to provide all our new members with fun, but also educating activities throughout this academic year. We already now we know that we have a lot to look forward to!


Philipp, Jeroen, Jochen, Roos & Maaike


Recap of 2017/2018 and About RCC 2018/2019

Welcome to the RCC website! If you are a Master student at the RSM thinking about joining a university club, you are in the right place! We created this post with a short recap of the past year, some shortcuts so that you don’t have to waste time browsing through all the possible extensions of our website and our vision for the next academic year.

My Post-2

The 2017/18 academic year has been a very fruitful year. Both the number of members  and partners  has increased exponentially. Moreover, we have also become an officially recognised student organisation at the RSM. As a result our club has become a somewhat exclusive opportunity for students to practice and improve consulting skills, to network and to socialize with like-minded people.

The activities we organise are mostly case interview preparations, but also workshops and in-house days. To see examples, you can find our event calendar here or scroll through our blog posts. Once a year, we also organize a study trip. You can read about last years’ trip to Lisbon here.

Becoming a member means you will have access to all of our members-only events, free and prioritized access for our charged, open events which have capacity limits and you can join our study trip. The entrance fee of 125€ for the academic year will be paid after your application has been approved. You can read more about membership or how to apply here.

To join, we would like to ask you to send us a letter of motivation, your CV and your up-to-date academic transcript. After this we will evaluate all of the applications and you will be invited for an interview. The 70 students most suitable for our club will be invited to join us.

Becoming a member doesn’t stop with the academic year! You will also have access to our growing alumni database and get in contact with our alumni who already work in the industry and are happy to share tips and stories about their way into consulting.

Our vision for this year is to continue the growth of last year. The applications deadline is on the 16th of September, as our first event organized by CaseSolvers is already on the 6th of October. Other events will include three workshops with Nicolas Constantinesco, who is a former Associate Principle at McKinsey & Co and former Partner at KPMG, a two-day case preparation event with DHL Consulting, in-house days at the Big 4, case competitions and social events like dinners, drinks, a winter gala and much more.

We hope that this post has helped you get a quick overview of the RCC and we hope to see you on our information evening on the 5th or 11th of September!

Thank You and Farewell


Dear RCC board, partners and members,

What an amazing year it has been! It is impressive to look back at all we have achieved together, the events we have organized, and the successful trainings we have done. This past year we grew to 70 exclusive members, held 37 events, and forged 8 new corporate partnerships. This marks a remarkable period of growth, and bodes extremely well for the future of the organization. We could only have realized this success with all of your support.

I would like to thank the board members for their endless motivation and work for the Rotterdam Consulting Club. Eamon O’Keefe, Astrid Charlotte Florax, and Gaia Brouwers, you were the best board I could have wished for. Also a big thank you to the members for your great enthusiasm and participation. Lastly I would like to thank our corporate partners for the fruitful collaborations; the club is happy to continue these partnerships in coming years. This academic year, RCC organized events with BDO, Business Setting, Boer & Croon, CORE Consulting, Deloitte, DHL Consulting, EY, KPMG, Progressive Recruitment, Simon-Kucher & Partners, and Venturis Consulting Group.

My time as President of the Rotterdam Consulting Club is concluding, and Philipp Härtel will assume the presidency.  He will introduce himself and his new board in August. It is hard to let go of such an ambitious association, but I am very proud of what we have achieved and I am ready to move on to the next step in my career. Thank you all for being part of our journey and for supporting me in our mission to prepare, inspire, and connect students to the world of consulting.

Let’s stay in touch.

Best regards,
Cato Bui
RCC President 2017-2018

RCC x CaseSolvers Final Case Interview Session

On Thursday May 3rd RCC hosted its final case interview session.  Unusual to our typical case interview sessions, CaseSolvers created a case specifically for RCC and this was distributed to members to solve in pairs.  The case was a challenging multi-step case that involved both quantitative and qualitative aspects, meant as an culmination of the year’s work on case interviews.  Following the solving session, the teams returned and watched a video of a CaseSolver consultant solve the case.  By seeing how the case was solved by a professional, members could compare their own performances.  This was followed by additional cases solved by members.